Sunday, 26 June 2011

"Rapunzel" - illustration by Emma Florence Harrison (c. 1914)

"Fragments" - illustration by Teetering Bulb Studios, 2011

"In one another's arms they dyed" - Randolph Caldecott (Illustration for his version of "The Babes In The Wood", 1879)

"Little Red Riding Hood" - illustration by Walter Crane (1875)

"Marina lay upon a couch ... and fondled a fiery dragon with her right hand" - illustration from "The Russian Story Book" - Frank Cheyne Papé (1916)

"The wrecks dissolve above us" - Illustration from "A Song of The English" - William Heath Robinson (1909)

"Le Roi de la Lune" - illustration by Yoshitaka Amano (c.2010)

"She rushed out of the palace and came to the upper world" - illustration from "Folk Tales of Bengal" - Warwick Goble (1912)

Illustration for "Alice In Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll - Arthur Rackham (1907)

"Circe The Enchantress" - Illustration to a poem by Alexandre Dumas - Edmund DuLac (1911)

Sketch for "Snow White And the Seven Dwarves" - Gustaf Tenggren (1932)

Illustration for "Sleeping Beauty" from "A Child's Book Of Stories" (edited by Penrhyn W. Coussens) - Jessie Willcox Smith 1911

Illustration for "Snow White And The Seven Dwarves" from "My Book of Favourite Fairy Tales" (Edited by Eric Vredenburg) - Jennie Harbour, 1921

Mermaid - illustration by Warwick Goble (c.1910)

Illustration for Hans Christian Andersen’s "Thumbelina" - Wayne Anderson (1991)

Illustration for "A Little Girl In A Book" from "Fairies I Have Met" by Maud Margaret Rodolph Stawell - Edmund DuLac 1910

Production Sketch for Disney's proposed film"The Little Mermaid" - Kay Nielsen (1941)

"Playing With Bubbles" - postcard by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (c.1920's)

"Blodeuedd" - Alan Lee (Illustration for "The Mabinogion", 1983)

"It seemed as if a sudden swarm of winged creatures brushed past her" - Illustration to "Pandora's Box" from "The Hawthorne Wonder Book" - Arthur Rackham (1922)

Illustration from "Sven the Wise and Svea the Kind" - Gustaf Tenggren (1932)

"Circe, the Enchantress" - Edmund Dulac (1915)

"Sleeping Beauty" - Jennie Harbour c.1921

Animation cel from Walt Disney’s "Snow White and The Seven Dwarves" (1937)

Illustration for "The Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe" - Edmund DuLac (1912)

Illustration for Oscar Wilde's "The Fisherman and His Soul" from "The House of Pomegranates" - Jessie Marion King (1915)

"Im Märchenland" - cover art by Brünhild Schlötter (1942)

“Sleeping Beauty” - Fernande Biegler (1922)